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Property sold in Waterloo

Leomike saved more than $19,000*

Waterloo - July 23, 2022
Great experience overall, selling was happy with the support we got throughout the process. I will use FairSquare again in the future.
Property sold in Oakville

Wayne saved more than $26,000*

Oakville - July 4, 2022
All the folks at FairSquare were very professional and courteous throughout the whole home selling process. I highly recommend using their services, and will likely use FairSquare again in the near future.
Property sold in Embrun

Aziz saved more than $18,000*

Embrun - July 2, 2022
From day 1, the team at FairSquare provided great service. We had a team of experts help us through the process at every step.
Property sold in Kanata

Alastair saved more than $50,000*

Kanata - June 18, 2022
A very smooth process right from our initial contact with FairSquare, through the 2 visits by the listing agent (who took good photos that showed the house well and a very good quality virtual tour), right through to emails and helpful phone discussions with the negotiating agent. The ability to use emails and electronic signatures, rather than fax was especially appreciated. We would happily recommend FairSquare to other house sellers for their professionalism, efficiency and value.
Property sold in Carleton Place

Recardo saved more than $28,000*

Carleton Place - June 10, 2022
My experience with FairSquare was very positive. I recommend anyone thinking of selling a home to give them a shot, you won't be disappointed.
Property sold in Nepean

Diane saved more than $23,000*

Nepean - June 9, 2022
FairSquare Group Realty - Janda and Adam - Thank you so much for your help with selling our home - you definitely made the process simple and easy to understand for us and we appreciated your patience and expertise. Your insight/advice was very valuable to us. Wow one day done and extremely happy with end result.
Property sold in Nepean

Andrea saved more than $21,000*

Nepean - June 1, 2022
This is my second successful sale with FairSquare! Their staff are very knowledgeable and were always available when I had questions about my sale. I would highly recommend their services!
Property sold in Barrie

Curtis saved more than $21,000*

Barrie - May 8, 2022
Wonderful experience. Efficient, easy, and excellent customer service. Highly recommend. Made the selling of my house an enjoyable process
Property sold in Nepean

David Vinette (Executor saved more than $18,000*

Nepean - May 4, 2022
When my father passed, I researched various options to sell his home and decided on FairSquare to assist. With so much to do when a loved one passes, I wanted someone I could rely on throughout the process. I was very happy with the process of listing and selling the home. The house was online quickly after the listing was signed, offers were presented to me in a timely manner on the specified date, an exchange of ideas and information took place and good advice was presented and received when the decision on which offer to accept was ultimately made. Between listing the home, reviewing photos, preparing documents, scheduling and managing showings, receiving offers, communicating pertinent information and acceptance of the final offer, I felt I was in excellent hands. Thank you FairSquare for your assistance during this difficult time, you made the sale process easy.
Property sold in Carlsbad Springs

Ginette saved more than $19,000*

Carlsbad Springs - April 23, 2022
Thank you Fairsquare for your assistance in the sale of my home. We moved into our first house in 1992. We have made many memories and souvenirs in the last 30 years.

Note: On December 1, 2021, Purplebricks rebranded to FairSquare Group Realty. We have the same experienced team offering the same exceptional services – we’re just doing it under the FairSquare Group Realty brand! In January 2019, ComFree Commonsense Network Brokerage rebranded to Purplebricks.

* When compared to a commission of 5%, taking into account fees paid to our brokerage and remuneration paid to a buyer’s agent, if any, and the applicable taxes, rounded down to the nearest thousand.