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5 Quick & Easy Home Makeover Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

June 30 2021

It doesn’t take a large budget or a lot of time to breath some fresh air into your home. Try different techniques a few times a year to give your home the “new home feeling”.

Revive Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your cabinets are begging you for some new hardware and a quick polish. Considering new knobs, hinges, and door handles start at just $1 apiece, it’s easy and cost effective to swap outdated hardware. While you have the hardware off your cabinets, give them a quick polish to renew their original shine.

Tell a Different Story in Your Living Room

No need to buy new furniture, just swap out your décor for something fresh. Think new throw blankets, pillows, and lamp shades. This will offer a fresh perspective on this much used gathering space.

The Bedroom Doesn’t Have to Boring

New drapes can provide your bedroom with a facelift. Opt-in to purchasing a double curtain rod so you have sheer curtains closest to the window (perfect for daytime use) and a heavier drape in front (for nighttime use). Be sure the drapes complement your bedspread but aren’t too matchy-matchy.

Freshen Up the Bathroom With Flowers

Bathrooms tend to be windowless, or have the windows covered (for obvious reasons). To brighten up your bathroom, add fresh flowers to your décor. Craving the fresh flower smell without the hassle? Go with silk flowers and put potpourri in the bottom of the vase for a fresh scent without the maintenance.

Reboot the Kids’ Room

Get your kids excited with furniture rearrangement. Find ways to arrange the furniture so that they have special nooks to play, a reading or gaming area, or a place for their special collections. Use their favorite items to create a focal point in the room by displaying them on shelves or in corner nets.

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