Why Summer is a Great Time to Sell

As we approach the height of summer, homeowners who haven’t quite got around to selling often begin wondering whether they’ve missed the boat on the real estate market. They start thinking they should hold off on selling until after school starts, or until next year so they can squeeze in one more renovation. Or, possibly, they just want to relax and enjoy the warm weather! 

Though it might be tempting to skip your summer sale, don’t kick back on the beach just yet – you might be passing up on some of the best conditions for selling success!

From late spring to the end of summer, we see the most buyers with children actively hunting for new homes; generally, they want to buy and move before the start of the next school year, but many will buy right into autumn as they search for the right home. That’s why, during the summer months, families are generally more active buyers.

Since you’re more likely to get buyers in this demographic in the summer, try to make your home more attractive to families with these simple tricks: 

  • Point out the benefits your home offers to families: in your listing description, note the distance to various schools, parks, community centres, and shopping centres.
  • Make families feel comfortable by kid-proofing the house – to an extent: ensure that doors and windows close and lock properly, pack away the Fabergé eggs and any other items you wouldn’t want to risk getting broken, and try to make even the “good” living room and dining room look warm and welcoming rather than prickly and pristine. 
  • Don’t erase all evidence of your kids before showings: leave a tidy-looking craft station in sight or a pair of adorable kid’s rainboots by the door, and let the kids’ bedrooms look like fun places to hang out (even if they are unnaturally clean throughout the duration of your sale).
  • Consider a quick close: Remember, these buyers are more likely to want to move before school revs into high gear, so if you can manage a fast closing date, go for it!

Though there’s no guarantee that your home will attract buyers with kids, research from Mortgage Professionals Canada suggests that roughly 30% of homebuyers have children – that’s a big audience you’ve still got time to capitalize on!  

Buyers have time on their hands

With more daylight hours, more long weekends, and more vacations taken than in any other season, summer is one of the most active times for buyers, which also means more eyes on your property! Why not take full advantage of more buyers being out and about by listing during this time?

Summertime curb appeal can’t be beat

A tidy front lawn with green grass, trees with full foliage, a few splashes of colourful flowers – all the traits that make your property look its best are easily achieved in the summer. In fact, with no snow to hide the good, the bad and the ugly, and no mud to make the yard seem like an accident waiting to happen, many buyers feel more confident about the properties they’re considering. 

Wondering if your property is looking a little more sun-bleached than sublime? Here are a few tips to help you give the front and back yards a boost: 

  • Ensure your grass is actually grass! A green, watered lawn that’s free from tough, obtrusive weeds is a surprisingly powerful selling point: it signals to buyers that your home is well-cared-for and suggests that your home is comfortable, both inside and out. 
  • Keep the jungle at bay: if your flower beds and shrubs have been left to their own devices since spring, they’re probably looking a little overgrown by now. Trim any spent flowers, cut back any freely sprawling plants, and lay down some fresh mulch to tidy things up. 
  • No green thumb? Don’t sweat it. Pick up some pre-made potted arrangements for next to the front door: the cheerfulness they bring to your threshold can set the tone for the buyers.
  • Clean siding, porches, and windows: you’ll never understand how all that dirt got there without you noticing, but you’ll be amazed at how sharp your home’s exterior looks after a good sweep or blast from a power washer. 

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