Tips for Quick Home Staging This Fall (and any season!)

Tips for Quick Home Staging This Fall (and any season!) Tips for Quick Home Staging This Fall (and any season!)

Fall is around the corner, and you might be wondering what’s the best way to showcase your home for selling with a new season on the horizon—we’re here with a few tips for staging this fall, that can be applied all year long!  

Staging is one of the most practical selling strategies at your disposal. Whether you hire a professional or do it alone, investing in a little staging can mean better offers and faster sales. 

Since a lot of the home-buying process is based on emotion, seasonality plays a large role in the homes we choose. When we’re viewing homes in the heat of the summer, a cool and refreshing home will instantly strike a chord; and in the fall, we want to walk in and feel warm and cozy.  

If you’re selling your home in between seasons—like when summer is coming to an end, the nights are cooler, but fall hasn’t quite yet arrived—stage for the season ahead so your home can help buyers visualize the days to come living in the home.


First, depersonalize 

Start by depersonalizing your space. When the house is a blank canvas, buyers can more easily imagine themselves living in the home instead of focusing on the memories you have created there. Plus, by depersonalizing, buyers won’t feel like they’re intruding in your space when they’re touring your home, which will make the viewing process more comfortable for them.

Neutral living room with unique wall display

Then, neutralize

Next, neutralize the colours in your home. These days, neutrals can range from soft greys and pebble blues to warm suedes and weathered whites. The more neutral your walls, the greater flexibility you’ll have to adjust your staging and accent colours that are trending in any given season.

If you decide to add a bold accent colour to your décor, think about options such as curtains, pillows, wall art, and throws. Whichever hue you choose, balance a few items in the same colour around the room to pull it all together.

When you keep the major aspects of your home neutral, updating your accents for turning seasons will be easy and cost-effective! Swap out the beachy blue throw with a heavier navy blanket and buyers will picture themselves wrapped up in the living room on fall nights.

Neutral wall painting

Always be consistent

Remember to make the whole house echo the season to create a full experience for your buyers. Don’t go overboard in one room and not have enough budget to extend the staging to other areas of your home. If you’ve decked out the family room with all colours fall, make sure to add a colourful bowl of seasonal fruits in the kitchen, like oranges paired with cinnamon sticks. You can even add little touches like changing citrus hand soaps appropriate for the warmer seasons to spiced, fuller-scented soaps for the fall and winter.

Add subtle fragrances

Adding seasonal fragrances is an easy way to update your staging. Burn and blow out woody candles during the cooler months and fresh scents in spring and summer—but never leave candles lit during viewings, some buyers might think you’re trying to hide something! Arrange bright flowers around your home during the summer and replace them with bowls of potpourri in the fall. For added fragrance in the fall, bake some cookies to fill the kitchen with a smell that’ll remind everyone of the holidays around the corner.

Fall fragrance display

Give your backyard attention

And, of course, don’t forget the outside of your home. You spent days, maybe even months, picking the right outdoor lounge set and table, make sure to highlight your outdoor space with seasonal accents as well! Place a jug of pink lemonade on the table during summer with some outdoor tableware. Then, when fall temperatures drift in, stack some wood by the fire pit and toss an afghan over a chair to suggest the backyard can still be enjoyed during the cooler nights. 

Staged backyard with decor

Staging doesn’t have to be about elaborate makeovers or large budgets. Simple changes throughout your home can help elevate the space and allow you to show your home in its best light. Keeping the staging relevant to the season will make your home feel fresh and modern all year long. Happy selling! 

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