Selling after the Holidays? 5 Tips for Storing Kids’ Toys

Selling after the Holidays? 5 Tips for Storing Kids’ Toys Selling after the Holidays? 5 Tips for Storing Kids’ Toys

December 29, 2020

Selling your home over the holidays can be a great strategy: there’s generally less competition on the market, and buyers are usually a bit more serious about making a fast purchase – that’s a win-win! But, if you’re a parent, one thing that can cramp your holiday home-selling style is the influx of new toys just delivered from the North Pole. 

While Good Saint Nick makes your children’s wishes come true, he’s not so much in the business of ensuring that your ultra-tidy, show-ready house stays that way for potential buyers. As for the kids? They’re pretty much only in the business of leaving toys EVERYWHERE. 

To ensure you can get your home ready for showings in the twinkle of Kris Kringle’s eye, here are five of our favourite toy storage tips for all those holiday gifts! 

Woman holding cardboard box full of old toys

1. Out with the old

Now that holiday gift-giving is wrapping up (pun intended), you’ll want to limit the number of toys you’ll have to deal with so that getting your home ready for showings can be done in a snap. Sort out which toys can be donated, which can be packed up in preparation for the move, and which your kids will want to play with over the coming weeks. Don’t fret about limiting their toy options – if you’ve ever watched your child play with a cardboard box, you’ll know their ingenuity is limitless. 

Low, flat toy storage bin filled with small toys, peeking from beneath a couch
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2. Get sneaky with storage

It’s never a good idea to jam your closets full of personal items or toys when you’re selling your home – buyers will probably look inside. That means you’ll have to get creative when it comes to whisking toys out of sight: try flat storage bins that can slide under beds for smaller toys or electronics and opt for storage solutions that look like furniture. Storage benches or chest-style coffee tables can do the trick, as can cube-style shelving with slide-out baskets for easy access and equally easy cleanup! 

Play table with track on top and storage bins filled with Legos on shelf beneath
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3. Centralize the chaos

If your kids are smaller, a great strategy to keep their play zone focused in one area of your home is to find or create a play table with space for storage. Legos, toy trains, dolls, and art supplies can be stored underneath in bins or baskets (it’s a bonus if the table has a shelf), and the child-height surface encourages young ones to play in place, rather than spreading their toys throughout the house where they’re harder to find (and harder to reach!) when you’ve got a showing scheduled. Yes, you’ll still have toys in sight, but they’ll look effortlessly organized and make a better impression than an overflowing toybox. 

Short book bin with books peeking out of the top in a child's room
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4. Give some love to the library

Whether you’re planning to list your home soon or it’s already on the market, now is not the time to start thinking about new built-in bookcases for your little ones’ growing library – charming as they are. Instead, organize kids’ books with a book bin (an easy DIY project), or mount some converted spice shelves on their bedroom walls to keep books both accessible and tidy. The benefit of these options over a traditional bookshelf is they allow your kids to flip through the front covers, whereas they’re apt to spill the books on the floor when they’re too young to read the spines.

Wicker baskets filled with stuffed toys, hanging from hooks in a young person's room
Image courtesy of Mum's Grapevine

5. Get creative with baskets

When you’re planning to move, the idea of investing in new furniture to store kids’ toys might not be very appealing. A fun alternative that’s both budget-friendly and space-saving is to hang wicker baskets on coat hooks, arranged either horizontally or vertically. Easily removed and easily replaced, these baskets can add whimsy to your child’s room while making toy storage a breeze. Is there anything a wicker basket isn’t good for? 

Keeping toys under control during your holiday sale may seem like a losing battle, but if you limit the number and spread of the toys and find storage solutions that keep them both accessible and easily put away, your post-Christmas wish for a tidy, show-ready home can come true! 

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