Preparing to Sell Your Home? Get Ready in 3 Simple Steps

Preparing to sell your? Get ready in home in 3 simple steps Preparing to sell your? Get ready in home in 3 simple steps

As the dog days approach, many homeowners are gearing up to plant late summer ‘For Sale’ signs in the ground. Since the housing market typically keeps roaring until the snow starts to fly, you still have time to get ready to hit the market! 

Supplies for deep-cleaning your house for sale

Step 1: Prepare your home

This is probably the first and final thing you should work on when getting ready to sell, since it can encompass everything from tear-down renovations to the final staging details. 

Start by choosing whether you’ll sell ‘as-is’ or do some improvements before your home hits the market. Whether you decide that it has to get worse before it gets better (think dust masks and paint cans), first impressions are everything with buyers, so do what you can to make sure your home looks its best: 

  • Deep clean - even the corners of the garage and under the stairs.
  • Declutter - yes, you should put away the appliances on the countertop you don’t use every day.
  • Depersonalize - your clown collection is totally amazing, but it might become the unintended focus of a buyer’s walkthrough!

Cleaning up flower beds in preparation for selling a home

Step 2: Prepare the yard

After winter, yards can be overgrown and unkempt, so it’s important to stay on top of outdoor maintenance, even if it’s hot and humid out there (sigh!). 

  • Take a trip around the property to collect any debris that might have accumulated in corners and under shrubs, looking especially for leaf litter and trash that might have blown in from elsewhere. 
  • No need to spend a small fortune on flowers – remove any dead growth from the flower beds and add some new mulch to spruce them up. 
  • Cut the grass as often as possible and edge along the perimeters of gardens, sidewalks and driveways to give your yard an extra-polished look. 

Beautiful interior of a home for sale

Step 3: Decide on a listing price

The biggest influence on the success of any property sale is the listing price. Price too low, and you’ll pass up on profits; too high, and you’ll drive away buyers looking for homes like yours. And because homes tend to generate the most interest in the first few weeks they’re listed, it’s important that your home is priced accurately right from the start.  

Your home’s market value – that is, how much buyers are currently willing to spend on homes like yours – is an ever-shifting number that depends on several factors:  

  • Buyer demand vs. the number of homes on the market: if there are a lot of people looking to buy but not many homes for sale, prices are driven up. If there are a lot of homes on the market but not many people buying, prices are driven down. 
  • Trends in your neighbourhood: Is your home in an up-and-coming area, a town that’s on a bit of a decline, or in a region that doesn’t change much from year to year? 
  • Your home’s qualities in comparison to other homes on the market: what are the characteristics, upgrades, and features of other, similar homes in your neighbourhood? If yours is the only one with an updated kitchen, for example, you could probably fetch a higher price than your neighbours. 

Agent presenting market data to home sellers to show them the value of their house

Thankfully, you don’t need to sweat figuring your price out for yourself – your Purplebricks REALTOR® will provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which includes the prices and characteristics of homes in your area that are for sale, have recently sold, or didn’t sell. He or she will also give you personalized selling advice, while the rest of the Purplebricks team is here to ensure you stay on track until your home has officially sold! 

While it’s exciting to think ahead to your closing date, keep in mind that the better prepared you are, the better your selling experience will be. Though your to-do list might seem like it could go on forever, checking off these three items will help you hit the market with confidence and style!

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