Is Dulux’s 2020 Paint Colour of the Year a Good Choice for Home Sellers? We weigh in.

Dulux’s 2020 Paint Colour of the Year is Chinese Porcelain, which is a rich, beautiful shade of blue that evokes images of serene coastal living. However, is Chinese Porcelain the right colour choice for sellers updating their home before putting it on the market? Probably not. Here’s why: 

Dulux 2020 Pain Colour Chinese Porcelain
Image credit: Fülhaus Inc., designers of the spaces for Maisons & Co. via Dulux

It is not neutral enough

Even if a prospective buyer loves colour, Chinese Porcelain may not be their favourite and they will likely end up painting the walls anyways. Your best bet when repainting your home with selling in mind is to stick with neutral colours. It is better for buyers to be indifferent to the wall colour, than to be scared away by a bright hue.

It is not a move-in ready colour 

The fact is that many buyers end up repainting the walls at some point after moving in. However, most do not want to do this as the first thing they do when moving. A brightly coloured wall that isn’t their taste may feel like something that needs to be fixed immediately, rather than updating the walls from eggshell white to porcelain white when they have time. Buyers don’t want to feel like they have work to do the moment they move into their home.

It is not light enough 

In general, lighter tones showcase homes better than dark ones. Although the hue is vibrant, it is on the darker side which can make a small room look even smaller. Chinese Porcelain isn’t light enough to make a room appear airy and bright which is something homebuyers look for while house hunting. 

If you must incorporate Chinese Porcelain into your home, consider painting an accent wall in this colour and have the adjacent walls in a complementary neutral. Dulux offers some warm neutral tones in their additional 2020 colour trends1, which are a great choice for home sellers.

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