COVID-19 Safety Tips for Before and After Home Showings

COVID-19 Safety Tips for Before and After Home Showings COVID-19 Safety Tips for Before and After Home Showings

December 11, 2020

As Canadians eagerly await the distribution of the newly approved COVID-19 vaccine, many still find themselves in the position of wanting or needing to sell their homes. But with infection rates on the rise across the country and open houses banned in “lockdown” or “red zone” regions, is it wise to list your property and potentially allow buyers and their agents to come inside? 

With the proper attention to government regulations and smart safety measures, it can be. 

According to reports, the virus doesn’t appear to be as easily transmitted from contact with contaminated surfaces as originally thought (according to the World Health Organization, there have been “no specific reports” of transmission from surfaces1). Instead, the virus is more likely to spread from close contact with infected individuals. 

Still, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend cleaning and disinfecting your home’s frequently touched surfaces on a daily basis2 to prevent contracting the virus. That’s why it’s still a god idea to take precautions against surface-contact spread both before and after potential buyers and their agents come inside for a showing. 

Here are 3 tips for keeping your home showings safe for your family and community:

Gloved hand sanitising a door handle.

1. Sanitize high-contact surfaces

Disinfectant in hand, think about all the places a person might subconsciously touch as they move through a house, such as doors (handles, edges, and framing), counters and tabletops, the backs of chairs, and banisters.

Also consider the things a buyer might specifically touch or want to inspect during their tour, such as the lockbox and key, cabinet doors and hardware, appliances, electrical panels, faucets, and window frames.

A hearty wipe-down with a household disinfectant both before and after the showing will help limit the risk of transmission and put your mind at ease – plus, it has the added bonus of helping you keep your home in show-ready condition! Click for more great tips on keeping your home ready for showings.

Bedroom with open door to adjoining nursery.

2. Leave your home as touch-free as possible

Most potential buyers will want to get a thorough look at your home before making an offer, which could mean they’ll be opening doors and peering into the darkest corners.

Help them out by creating a touch-free experience: before the showing, open the curtains and blinds, leave all the lights and lamps switched on, open all the interior doors, plus leave one or two kitchen cabinets slightly open to give buyers a look inside.

You may also want to make some room in your closets – especially if they contain access panels for plumbing – so buyers can get a clear picture of their storage capacity without having to shift any of your things around.

PPE - surgical masks and bottle of hand santiser - on a blue table.

3. Offer Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at the door

While most REALTORS® will have a stash of PPE for any clients who may have forgotten their own, it’s not a bad idea to leave a little offering of disposable masks, facial tissue, and hand sanitizer inside your door.

Even if no one uses the PPE you provide, it will immediately remind anyone entering your home that you’re being careful about the virus, which can inspire trust in potential buyers and help them keep preventing the spread top of mind.

Complete your PPE station with an arrangement of flowers or small seasonal decorations to make it feel less clinical and more welcoming!

Though it may feel like you’re taking a risk when you leave the keys to your home with strangers during a pandemic, your precautions and those of real estate professionals can make your sale experience a positive one. For safety tips while buying a home, read on.


Smiling REALTOR® wearing PPE in discussion with client.

Be sure to consult your regional health organization for current COVID-19 information and discuss safety precautions with your REALTOR®. They’ll be able to provide you with information on the latest government restrictions regarding open houses and home showings, and they should be willing to work with you on scheduling showings for only the most serious buyers.

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