Are 6-Year-Olds the Next Real Estate Gurus? Here’s What These Youngsters Had to Say About Selling Homes.

Leave it to young children to tell you like it is, even when it comes to selling the biggest investment of most people’s lives: your home! A group of vibrant 6-year-olds were able to serve us with some sound advice when it comes to home selling.

Tell a Story

“If you have a funny story about the house, tell people.” – Clara

A beloved storybook is one that is enjoyed by millions of children while simultaneously making each individual child feel like the author is speaking only to them. This concept translates into a great approach for selling your home. Make your home feel neutral enough that people can picture their own lives in it, while also giving your home some character and personality. How do you this? If you are showing your own home to potential purchasers, feel free to drop a short, lighthearted story to the people, or point out some unique features of the home that may suit their lifestyle. If an agent is showing your home, be sure to tell them about the unique features of the home so they can share it with the buyer. Creating a personal connection can help turn a “maybe” to a “yes” with a purchaser.

Offer Them a Snack

“If they are hungry and you give them cookies and milk, they will think you’re cool.” – Sarah

Most buyers visit multiple homes in row, so it is likely they could be thirsty or a little peckish by the time they reach your home. By offering a refreshment and finger food item, you give off the impression that you care, and the potential buyer will appreciate that. Who isn’t happier after a snack? Consider offering bottled water, sparkling water, coffee, tea or a chilled can of pop. For finger foods, cookies, biscotti, brownies, or finger sandwiches are nice options. Be sure to offer a takeaway cup and disposable plates and napkins. There should also be a garbage nearby, so mess isn’t left around your house.

Breakfast in bed with tea, croissants, and cookies

Go the Extra Mile

“Do something nice without them asking.” – Jonathan

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and ask yourself what would I want if I was touring a home? The kids suggested giving them a present, but really a nicely printed features sheet or home brochure would be a great takeaway for any potential buyer. 

One of the kids mentioned that adults like to tell secrets. In other words, they want to speak in private. Allow purchasers a chance to speak alone, especially if you are the owner showing your home. Without a chance to chat privately, they may rush through the showing and miss out on really getting a feel for your home. Your agent should also give them some space if they are showing your home on your behalf.

Couple walking through house with a realtor

Are 6-year-olds the next real estate gurus? Probably not, but they do offer us some common-sense advice on making a good impression with potential buyers.

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