5 Tips for Keeping Home Showings Clean During Messy Weather

5 Tips for Keeping Home Showings Clean During Messy Weather 5 Tips for Keeping Home Showings Clean During Messy Weather

December 17, 2020

When you’re selling a home, showings for potential buyers can be scheduled without much notice. That’s why it makes sense to keep your house in show-ready condition throughout the sale. However, maintaining a perpetual state of perfection is tricky even in the best of times; throw in winter weather, and you’ve got a recipe for unwelcome untidiness! 

To combat the sloppiest season of the year and keep your home ready for showings, the trick is to minimize the mess before it starts. Here are five tips to keep the winter weather at bay when your home is on the market.

Man pushing snowblower in deep snow

1. Clear a path

The coldest season of the year can take many forms in Canada – sometimes it’s sloppy and rainy, other times it’s a lot of snow. If you're selling under a blanket of 'the white stuff,' keep the bulk of it outside (rather than on your gleaming floors and carpets) by keeping your driveway and walkways shoveled and ice-free. Not only will you make it less likely for snow to be tracked indoors on boots and pantlegs, but you’ll also help keep potential buyers safe from possible slips or injuries when they view your home. 

Slate sign hanging on a wall stating,

2. Put down doormats and boot trays 

It’s important to keep winter messes under control at the door, before they have a chance to migrate through your home. You can achieve this by focusing on your entryways: place heavily textured mats outside every entry door, plus a large rubber-backed mat and boot tray on the inside. Mats will catch a lot of the snow and rock salt under people’s shoes, and a boot tray will contain those sock-soaking puddles we all dread! You can even place a tasteful sign inside the door requesting that shoes are removed – any chalkboard sign will do the trick. 

sock feet standing near a floor mat with some christmas tree boughs in the frame

3. Be ready to tackle the salt

Nothing can ruin the feeling of a clean home like stepping on grit around the door, so it’s best to tackle the sidewalk salt that inevitably finds its way inside on a daily basis. If your vacuum cleaner is cumbersome or you store it in the deepest corner of your basement, it might be worth investing in a small handheld vacuum or a carpet sweeper; if you keep it nearby in the coat closet, it’ll be ready when you are.

Terrier standing on front porch in light snow

4. Don’t forget pets’ feet 

If you’ve got pets who love the outdoors, you won’t love the grime and smears their feet can track in, not to mention the wetness they love shaking off their fur. Arm yourself against these messes by keeping an old towel just inside the door so you can wipe off their feet and snow-covered coats before they make their way inside – just be sure to whisk it away before your scheduled showings, since no one likes the smell of a wet dog!   

Antique-looking coat hooks ona white wall

5. Make room for winter wear

If the weather is particularly dreadful, rain and snow can accumulate on coats and hats, which can leave a trail of drips through your home as potential buyers and their agents take the tour. In addition to keeping things spick and span (and dry), buyers may not want to wear their Canadian-winter-proof gear as they look around, so give them somewhere to hang their coats. If you have a front closet, move your family’s items to a bedroom closet so buyers will have plenty of room to hang their outerwear without handling your belongings, and leave the closet door open so that it’s inviting. If there’s no closet, consider installing some coat hooks or standing a coat rack nearby, but be sure to leave them completely free of your winter gear so buyers feel comfortable using them.   

Though selling your home in winter can be a great strategy, it can also present you with unpredictable weather that makes housekeeping a hassle. As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. In this case, with some foresight and a few simple investments for your entryways, you’ll keep winter messes out and make preparing for showings a breeze. 

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