5 Reasons to Sell Your Home Over the Holidays

Although late December through early January isn’t the most popular time of year to sell your home, there are compelling reasons to list over the holidays.

It’s already clean

Aside from wish lists and New Year’s resolutions, many of us have a list of chores to catch up on during those end-of-year vacation days! Since your house is likely to be cleaner than usual over the holiday season, why not kill two birds with one stone? Let your spic-and-span home dazzle potential buyers. It’ll be easy to maintain if you keep decorations minimal and tidy as you go – especially when new toys might make their way underfoot. Read on for more tips to keep your home show-ready.

Holiday-time feels

There’s something about the holidays that makes people more apt to spread “good will toward men,” or, at least, not be a Scrooge. You might benefit from this wholesome holiday-time cheer when it comes to negotiations, since potential buyers may feel a little more lenient when it comes to counteroffers. Not to mention, they’ll probably want a quick and easy sale so they can get on with their own holiday festivities!

More time on your hands

If you're shopping for a home in addition to selling, the eased pace of the holiday real estate market could give you more time to consider your options. And while many Canadian markets are still busier than usual, generally with less competition jockeying for homes during the darkest days of the year, you may have more time to ensure that the home you vie for is the right one. 

No landscaping

Curb appeal is important in every season, but an uncut lawn and lackluster garden is more noticeable in the other seasons. In the winter, you can get away with just keeping your driveway, walkway and porch shovelled – which you need to do anyways! Add a no-maintenance wreath to your door and you are serving wintertime shoppers a warm, festive welcome.

Serious buyers only

People who are looking to buy a home over the holidays are apt to be serious buyers; the snowy weather outside and festivities inside make it an unlikely time of year to casually scan the market. You can assume that the people who make the effort to come and see your home have a genuine interest in buying, and that’s something worth making a toast to!

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