3 Renos Worth Your While When Selling Your Home

If you’re planning on selling your home and deliberating whether it’s worth your time and money to fix things up at this stage, we’re here with a few tips that will help settle the debate. 

Small renovations, repairs and new design elements can make your home more appealing to a potential buyer and raise its value. These are the top 3 home improvement projects to take on before selling your home: 

1. Kitchen cabinets

Kitchens have long been referred to as the heart of the home, the place where families find themselves gathering the most for everything from cooking to taking a little extra time to enjoy each other's company after a meal; this is why the kitchen in your home has big pull with potential buyers. 

If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen ahead of going to market, look no further than your cabinets, and we're not talking a full cabinet overhaul—here are a few simple, budget-friendly cabinet revival options that will give your kitchen new life: 

• Paint your cabinets (and while you’re at it, the kitchen walls too!) 

• Replace the cabinet hardware for a more modern look

• Change out the doors of your cabinets without having to replace the whole structure

You’ll be amazed at the difference these small changes will make to your kitchen, and the overall feel of your home. 

Neutral Kitchen Cabinets and Counter

2. Landscaping

Curb appeal plays a key role in selling your home. Potential buyers will form a first impression of your home before they’ve even reached the front step. Having a well-maintained exterior can make your home look like new and add value. The impact the outside of a home can have on potential buyers is often underestimated by home sellers.

If your home was recently built and the front lawn is a bit bare, consider planting trees to signal to buyers that greenery and privacy is already growing. For a quicker fix, plant developed, evergreen bushes to give a year-round, lasting impression. Complement your shrubbery with stonework or ceramic details to give the front of your home texture and visual appeal. Similarly, if you own an older home with plenty of foliage, consider removing or scaling back on your trees and plants to better showcase your home.

If the outside of your home looks great, potential buyers won’t be able to wait to get inside. 

Modern Landscaping Detail

3. New windows

Windows might not jump to mind when thinking of wow-factor renos to help sell your home—but, when has a home with large, contemporary windows ever failed to impress? 

Redoing the windows in your home might seem like too big of a project ahead of the sale, but the outcome will be worth it.

Not only can windows rejuvenate the look of your home, modern buyers with an eye on energy-savings will love that the windows were recently replaced. You can position your home as both updated and energy-efficient with this upgrade. Potential buyers will enjoy the elevated look of the space inside the home and recognize the long-term benefits new windows will have on their bills; we love renos that do double-duty! 

Bright Relaxing Space in Neutral Design

We’ll leave you with one last tip

Even if you decide not to take on any renos before selling, it’s important to cover the basics and do a thorough walkthrough of your home for cosmetic elements that will distract potential buyers from the value of your home. 

You want to put your best foot forward and avoid: 

• Major holes and scuffs on walls— remedy with a quick coat of plaster and paint 

• Carpet stains— a deep carpet clean can take care of most

• Leaky pipes— beat potential buyers to the punch and make sure all your plumbing is at its best

Taking these steps before putting your home on the market will get you that much closer to a quick and fruitful sale! 

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