[Infographic] 2021 Housing Platforms from the 4 Major Canadian Political Parties

The Canadian federal election is on the horizon, and the state of Canada’s housing market seems to be a hot topic for the political parties and citizens alike.

The severe lack of new and active listings across the country has driven the supply down to record lows.1  But demand for homeownership hasn’t gone anywhere. This shifted many markets further into the hands of the sellers and prices have continued to rise. Even after the record spike in March which saw prices increase 32% year-over-year,2 sellers can still ask for top dollar with such limited supply.

According to a recent study, the financial capacity to own a home has decreased in Canada.3 Residential sales have made a strong comeback since June 2020, but overall accessibility for housing is shrinking.

It's clear that some intervention is needed. But what are the four major political parties proposing when it comes to housing? Let’s look at what the Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats, and Green Party have to offer.

Do their political platforms stack up? 4

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