Home 101: How to Give Off a Warm Welcome in Colder Weather

Whether you’re hosting guests for an autumnal feast or you simply want to channel warmth in your home, appealing to the five senses is a great first step to making your home exude a warm welcome in the colder months. 


Music is food for the soul. By filling your home with music, you will greet yourself and guests with a satisfying audible welcome. This is especially important in the winter when our moods can take a hit with shorter days. If you’re looking for a playlist that will make you feel cozy, check out 9 Songs That’ll Keep You Warm As Colder Weather Rolls In1. Now throw in a dance party and you’ll really be warming things up!

Happy senior couple dancing and laughing together at home


Scents of pine, sage, amber, maple and caramel evoke thoughts of chilly evenings curled up by a fire or going for a hike in the cool, crisp air. Achieve a scented space with candles or potpourri, which double as décor. Or if you’re in a DIY mood, try making stovetop potpourri2

Tabletop with mug, clementines, pine cones, candle


Updating your go-to spread with some fall/winter inspired food and drink will warm up any palette. Flavours of maple, cinnamon, apple and caramel are perfect for sweet meals; where as ginger, pomegranate, and tarte cranberry are great options for a savory dish. You also could literally up the heat by adding some hot spices to your meal, such as cayenne, chili powder, and hot paprika. Just as salads are a go-to in the warmer months, cooler months have go-to dishes as well! Think soups, stews, roasts, and casseroles when meal planning. 

Regarding beverages, up your hot drink game by having a variety of coffee and hot chocolate options in stock (and don’t forget the marshmallows). When it comes to alcoholic drinks, you want to make your selection based on what you’re eating. Therefore, your beverage should complement the spices and flavours inspired by cooler weather. You could try your hand at a new cocktail, opt for a wine with hints of cranberry and baking spice flavours (like the medium-bodied Carignan), or select a Winter Warmer3 if you’re a beer fan.

Squash soup aerial tabletop


Textiles will always be in style. Heavy throw blankets and pillows are multi-functional by producing cozy thoughts and actual warmth on those extra chilly days. Cold-weather-appropriate fabrics include fleece, wool, and faux fur. Another way to add textiles to your décor is by swapping out your sheer curtains for a heavier option and adding a thick woven rug to those cold, hardwood floors.

Cozy living room arm chair by the fire


Apart from hearing, the other three senses already discussed add to your visual landscape – throws, blankets, rugs, candles, potpourri, and delicious food! Other ways to add warmth to your line of sight include adding flowers or plants (real or fake), family photos, and items that are personal to you. Sentimental items and photos warm our hearts with fond memories, while plants remind us that the cool weather will eventually go, and spring will offer us its lush bounty once again. 

couple cuddling on couch under blanket

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