Create a Captivating Reading Nook and Cozy Up

There is a strong case for reading every day. Reading stimulates the brain, reduces stress, and improves focus and memory. Plus, it makes us sound smart! Bill Gates reads 50 books a year1, and I think we can all agree he is pretty smart, right?

We are taught in school how important reading is, and yet, so many adults choose not to read often, and definitely not daily.

The consensus online is that 30 minutes of continuous reading a day is a good goal for most adults. Reading 30 minutes a day would allow most people to read one book every two weeks, or 26 books a year.

How to Read More

Although a fabulous reading nook won’t solve the distractions in your life and cannot add more hours in a day, what it can do is create a reading oasis where you can unwind and hopefully meet a reasonable goal of reading 30 minutes each day. Couple this with scheduling a time each day to read, choosing topics that interest you, and taking an opportunity to read whenever you can, you should be well on your way to enjoying the benefits of reading.


Elements of a Perfect Reading Nook

Quiet Space

Most people enjoy reading in a quiet space, so usually a dedicated corner of a low-traffic room or a small den would be a great location for a reading nook. If you prefer having background noise, we recommend a sound machine that plays white noise or soft nature sounds, or playing instrumental music in the background.

Adequate Lighting

A perfect reading nook would contain a window to let natural light in, as well as a dimmable light that could be used for nighttime reading. If your reading nook doesn’t contain a window, don’t fret! A natural light lamp may be the perfect solution to limiting artificial light intake while having enough light to read.

Comfy Seating

A comfortable chair with a pillow and soft throw seems like the perfect accompaniment to a page-turner. If you’re comfortable while reading, you’ll want to read more – that’s why so many people spend their evenings watching TV, it’s because that’s where the sofa is!

An End Table

A place to rest your book or e-reader while taking a break, or a place to rest your mug of tea, an end table is the yin to the yang of your comfy seating.

A Book Shelf

Being surrounded by books, either ones you have read or are still on the “to be read” list, inspires you to read more. Maybe it is seeing your favourite novel as you start a new read that inspires you, or perhaps it is just simply being surrounded by knowledge. Whatever it is, somewhere to keep your books is part of an ideal reading nook.

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