6 Ways to Live More Sustainably at Home

Have you been thinking about incorporating more sustainability into your life this year (and beyond)? If so, you’re in good company. A focus on sustainability in the home is one of the top trends for 2022 

And we’re big fans of this trend! So, we’ve put together six easy tips to shift your habits and bring more sustainable living to your home. 

1. Avoid single-use products 

One way to embrace sustainability is to reduce or eliminate your use of single-use products – especially those made of plastic – and replace them with reusable alternatives.  

The impacts of plastic waste on the environment are enormous, and you’ll likely prefer a more earth-friendly, higher quality option anyway. Here are some simple swaps you can make around the house: 

  • Replace plastic water bottles with a stylish reusable bottle for each family member. 
  • The same goes for your daily coffee – pick up a travel mug you love and bring it along to your favourite coffee shop instead of using paper cups. 
  • And on the topic of coffee, try reusable coffee filters.
  • Pick cloth napkins instead of paper.
  • Choose stainless steel or silicone straws rather than plastic.
  • Give reusable paper towels a try (they’re super effective, and they come in tons of fun colours and patterns!). You can also use rags (made from old sheets, for example) for cleaning.
  • Swap out your cling wrap for beeswax wraps.
  • Use wool dryer balls rather than dryer sheets.
  • Pack mesh produce bags for grocery shopping instead of using plastic bags. 

2. Go natural 

Many cleaning products on the market are unfortunately packed with harmful chemicals – which aren’t great for the environment or your health. So, take some time to assess your collection of cleaning products and determine what you can swap out for natural alternatives.  

Consider things like your multi-purpose cleaning spray, dish soap, bathroom cleaners, and floor cleaners. There are tons of natural alternatives out there to explore. 

Or you can even make your own cleaning products! And bonus points for this option because you can refill reusable glass or plastic bottles rather than buying new ones each time.  

3. Up your compost game 

With spring approaching (eventually), it’s the perfect time to delve into the world of composting. This practice has many sustainable benefits (like less trash in landfills) and will benefit your soil and gardens, too. 

So read up on composting best practices and install (or upgrade) your composting area. You can purchase a bin, or there are tons of tutorials online for building your own too. If space allows, you could even incorporate a built-in compost bin into your kitchen. 

4. Get into gardening 

Speaking of nutritious soil for your garden, make this the year you go all-out with your vegetable garden. You can grow veggies to enjoy (a very healthy option), and you’ll always have fresh herbs on hand for your favourite pasta dish. 

You can also clip fresh flowers from your garden whenever you wish, all season long. Gardening is also just a great hobby that’s good for your mental and physical wellbeing. 

5. Minimize your food waste 

Another way to live more sustainably is to minimize your food waste. Even those of us with the best intentions likely find themselves tossing out more food than they’d like to each week. Here are a few ways to fix that: 

  • Make a meal plan and a detailed grocery list to determine what you need ahead of time. 
  • Buy smaller amounts and shop more often. 
  • Store food safely and properly. 
  • Freeze any excess (including leftovers, herbs, and fruits).
  • When you have leftover items, see what you can sub out in a recipe or find recipes that will help you use these items up (soup is always a winner for this).
  • As much as possible, keep an organized (minimal) fridge so you can see exactly what you have and what needs to get used up. When you can’t see things, they’re much more likely to spoil and go to waste. 

And of course, don’t forget to use your handy compost bin for any food scraps you can’t use. 

6. Go for a different kind of furniture 

And let’s not forget about furniture! When it comes time to replace an item, or purchase something new, consider forgoing your nearest flatpack location and looking into eco-friendly furniture brands. 
Other awesome options are to peruse second-hand shops for vintage treasures and get on board with upcycling previously loved furniture (whether it be your own or someone else’s). 

As you can see, there are so many easy and satisfying ways to help you live a more sustainable life at home. Any little step you take makes a difference in your life and the bigger picture as well.  

As zero-waste chef Anne-Marie Bonneau so perfectly puts it: “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

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