5 Home Tasks to Tackle from Now Until the New Year

We all know that glorious time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It is a time filled with leftovers, sale shopping, and quality family time. If you’re looking to be productive during these five days, we recommend you tackle these tasks that will have you heading into the New Year feeling fresh and organized in your home.

Purge & Organize Your Closets

In with the new, out with the old! Make room in your wardrobe for the new clothes you were gifted this year while also purging the items that no longer serve you well. Donate gently used clothing to a good cause in the name of the gift-giving season. While you’re at it, organize your closet to start the new year off fresh. You’ll feel great getting dressed on New Year’s Day when everything is in its proper place (and maybe even colour-coordinated). 

Organized large closet

Find a Home for New Gifts 

It’s likely your generous family and friends gifted you some fabulous finds over the holidays, but now you are posed with the challenge of finding a home for your new items. Hopefully some simple reorganization can solve this for you. If not, consider donating gently used items to clear some space in your home. Need some help decluttering? Read this article

Deep Clean Appliances

Holiday festivities have likely put your appliances through the ringer. Show them some appreciation after all the hard work they did this December by giving them a thorough, deep clean. As you move into January, you’ll be happy to have clean appliances that allow you to tackle your healthy resolutions.

Contemporary white kitchen with modern lighting

Handle Paperwork

Paperwork tends to pile up throughout the year, and especially while we are busy over the holidays. Head into the New Year with all your ducks in a row by getting your paperwork in tiptop shape. Shred documents you no longer need and update any important documents. Want to take it up a notch? Contact your service providers and opt for paperless billing and auto-payment for bills to save you time (and to be friendlier to our planet). 

Do a Digital Purge

Similar to how paperwork piles up, so do your digital files! Take some time to clean up the files on your digital devices. Delete one-time use screenshots, organize pictures (and maybe even print some), clean up desktop items, delete apps you no longer use, etc. Considering how much we use our digital devices, they need a purge once in a while too.

Woman on smartphone drinking coffee

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