It’s Time to Reclaim Your Pandemic Spaces - And Here’s How to Do It

Chances are you’ve experienced some significant changes in your life this past year, and your living space is no exception.

Perhaps you’ve had to hastily put together a home office (complete with an acceptable Zoom background, of course!) or a designated spot for virtual learning to take place. Some of these changes might be good, and some not so much.

As we look toward a return to (somewhat) normalcy, people are beginning to return to work and kids are heading back to school. It’s the perfect opportunity to reclaim your living space and ensure you maximize each area for functionality and your overall enjoyment. Here are a few easy tips and tricks to do just that.

Reset your spaces

Now is the time to give your rooms a reset and allow them to fulfil their intended function.
Maybe this means restoring your dining room to its former glory – clearing all the electronics and file folders off the dining table (no judgement!) and giving everything a satisfying cleaning. Use this opportunity to reinstate family dinners at the table, incorporating things like music and candles each night.

Not only will this help you celebrate your spaces and their intended purposes, but it will also encourage disconnecting and relaxing – something many people have been struggling with since the shift to remote work.

Rejig your office and study spaces

On the flip side, you might also be able to convert rooms that became single-purpose areas during the pandemic back to multi-purpose spaces.

If you’re returning to an office soon, your home office likely doesn’t need to take up a whole room anymore. If you’re not spending a lot of time here, this is a waste of valuable living space.

Instead, carve out a comfortable (smaller) nook for your workspace for those times you need to work from home. Then, use the remaining space for something that will enhance your life – like a yoga studio, meditation corner, craft area, or play area for the kids.

The same goes for any rooms you dedicated to study spots for the kids during the pandemic. Redesign these spots, so they’re still functional but take up less space.

There’s even some great inspiration out there to turn a closet into a cosy spot for a desk. Then when work or studying is over, you can simply close the door. Out of sight, out of mind!

Get guest-ready again

If your guest room has been taken over by miscellaneous items you haven’t found a place for (aka it’s become a dumping zone) or has become a place to escape from the noise and get some work done, you’re not alone!

But now that you may be re-welcoming friends and family into your home, you’ll want to consider preparing these spaces ready for guests again.

Dust off your hosting skills (we’re all a little rusty at this point) and do a total turnover of any guest bedding, plump the pillows, spritz an inviting room spray, and prep your guest bathrooms with handy mini toiletries.

Clear the clutter

You’ve probably made a few frantic online purchases during the past year or so. If so, now it’s time to take stock of all your things.

If you’ve ended up with duplicates like two desks or second monitors, sell or donate these extra items if you can get away with just one set again.

And as you tackle decluttering projects, make a goal to return to good habits. One simple yet effective rule of thumb to live by is that if it takes less than five minutes (or one or two minutes if that’s more attainable), do it right away. This could be doing the dishes, putting laundry away, or making your bed. This simple shift can make a big difference.

With a new season approaching and change in the air, it’s an excellent opportunity to reset your spaces. Completing these simple steps should have you feeling happier at home in no time.

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