How to Transform Your Attic Into a Dreamy Living Space in 7 Steps

When you think of your attic, how does it make you feel? As a kid, you might have thought of attics as mysterious and magical, but chances are that magic has long since run out. Now, your attic might make you feel stressed out or embarrassed… perhaps even a little itchy.

But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that. Bring back that childhood wonderment by turning your dusty storage area into a cool attic space and get the very grown-up benefit of all the extra room!

You can use your new and improved attic room as an office (ideal since so many of us are working from home), a guest bedroom, a super-fun playroom for older kids, or a cozy library (because how dreamy would that be?).

Here are seven steps for how to remodel your attic into a room you’ll actually want to spend time in.

Empty attic room with skylights

1. Safety first

If you’re planning to build a room in the attic, the first step is to hire a pro to check out your space and ensure everything meets your local building codes. You’ll want to ensure the dimensions are high enough, wide enough, and that it can bear the additional load of your finished attic.

2. Clear everything out

Your attic is likely a dumping ground and storage area for many things – from festive decorations to old baby clothes (yours or your kids’, who knows at this point?). You’ll need to determine which treasures you want to keep and what can go. This is an excellent opportunity to declutter – a very therapeutic practice!

Cool attic office space painted all in white

3. Paint, everywhere

Once you’ve got the space cleared out and clean, the next step is to paint the whole room. We suggest choosing a light, bright colour like white or off-white to make even a tiny space look airy and inviting. We also recommend painting everything the same colour – from the floors to the ceilings and the rafters – once again, to maximize how big your converted attic will feel.

4. Beat the heat

We all know attics have a reputation for getting quite hot due to being so close to the roof. One way to combat this is by adding a ceiling fan – voila, nice and breezy. It will also come in handy in the winter – pushing the hot air down to keep you warm.

Attic bathroom featuring a skylight and all-white decor

5. Consider a bathroom

Think about if you’d like to add a bathroom to your revamped attic. No matter what you use the rest of your attic space for, you’ll save yourself all those trips up and down the stairs. It will also bump up your number of bathrooms for added resale value!

Something to keep in mind: if you place the bathroom above (or as close as possible) to an existing lower-floor bathroom, it can reduce your costs substantially.

6. Say hi to the sky

If your budget allows, adding skylights to your new attic room is a great way to let that glorious natural light into your otherwise dark attic – plus, it’ll be a great vantage point for stargazing!

Bright orange attic bedroom with built-in drawers and cabinets

7. Maximize your storage

You can never have too much storage, right? So fill every nook and cranny with built-in storage solutions with shelving and drawers to make the most of the space. Now is the time to get your DIY on! You can also purchase some baskets to sprinkle around for both extra storage and visual appeal.

Once you’ve finished converting your attic into a dreamy living space, all that’s left to do is climb up, sit back, and enjoy!

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