Home Renovations Meet Baby: 3 Home Renovations That Are Baby-Friendly

Sometimes things collide. You may be in the middle of home renovations, when surprise, a little bundle of joy will be entering your lives in a few short months. There is no need to stop the renos, since you’ll want to get this out of the way before the baby comes. However, there are some considerations to make while renovating your home if you are expecting a little one or are planning to have one soon.

Built-In Shelves

Both stylish and practical, built-in shelves are a great feature in any home. What makes built-in shelves great with a small child is that they cannot pull the shelves on top of themselves. This saves you from having to secure a free-standing cabinet to your wall (and stops you from having to repair the wall when you move) while knowing that your little kiddo is safe when playing near the shelving.

Couple looking at room with imaginative built-in shelves


There’s no doubt you will be painting the nursery now that a baby is on the horizon, and it’s important to use baby-safe paint throughout your home. You will want to select a water-based product that contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Opt for a paint that doesn’t need a primer to save on more chemicals being added to the walls. Be sure to let the mom-to-be take a seat while dad or another loved one paints the house for her. Even with zero or very low VOCs, it is best to err on the side of caution.

Close up of paint roller changing room from yellow to pink


Believe it or not, flooring can produce toxins. And considering your baby will spend a lot of time on the floor during its first year, it makes sense to choose a baby-friendly option if you’re redoing your floors anyways. Hardwood floors win out over carpet. Carpets are often treated with flame retardants and other chemicals. This can impact your baby’s air quality. Not to mention that carpet traps things in, like dust mites, pet dander and dirt. If the carpet is staying in your home renovation, get it professionally cleaned prior to little one’s arrival. When selecting hardwood, seek out natural sources like cork or bamboo, and inquire what chemical treatments, if any, have been used on the wood.

Baby girl nursery in white, pink, gold

It is an exciting time expecting a baby, and it is important that our homes are safe for them. These home improvement projects will make your home stylish, while also safe for your growing family – that’s a win-win!

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