Here’s How to Transform Your Primary Bathroom into a Spa (and Up Your Property Value, too!)

Is there anything more enticing than seeing the words “spa-like primary bathroom” on a property listing? We don’t think so either. 

You start imagining yourself arriving home after a long day at work and opening the door to your very own personal spa. You run a relaxing bubble bath in your soaker tub, light some candles, set out your fluffy robe... we’re feeling more relaxed just thinking about it! 

The good news is, it’s totally possible to make this vision a reality in your own home! We’ve put together our top low and high-budget ideas to help you transform your primary bathroom into a spa sanctuary. 

Low-cost Ideas

Introduce a Bathtub Tray 
One way to bring serious spa vibes to your bathroom is with a bathtub tray. There are many attractive options to choose from, or you could even DIY one if you want to do something extra special (and eye-catching!). 

Load it up with your favourite bath salts, bubble bath, a little vase of flowers, candles, and essential oils (scents like lavender, rose, and jasmine are very relaxing). Pro tip: Make sure it has a cup holder for a cup of tea or something stronger!  

Try Out Open Shelving 
 Adding in open shelving is a simple way to make a big impact. This design element works well in small spaces too! And bonus points, open shelves add both style and extra storage. This is another project you can DIY if you’re up for it. 

Some ideas for styling your shelves include: 

  • Rolled up extra hand towels 
  • Small pieces of framed artwork 
  • Glass jars of bath salts, cotton swabs, or cotton balls 
  • A small basket of toilet paper rolls 
  • Small plants 

It’s amazing how a rain showerhead can change your whole experience! 

Just Add Plants
Speaking of plants, an easy way to get your bathroom closer to oasis status is by adding plants. You can enjoy the added aesthetic value they bring plus their air-purifying qualities.

Plants that thrive in low-light, high-humidity climates include orchids, ZZ plants, snake plants, philodendrons, and those adorable air plants(which would look perfect on your open shelves!).

More Zen Please
You can never have too much zen in your bathroom. Some ways to instil more calming vibes including painting the room a soothing colour like ocean blue or sage green. If you’re a diehard fan of white walls (we get it!), you can hang some artwork like photos of the beach or your favourite place – images that make you feel relaxed.

Improve Your Lighting
Changing up the lighting in your bathroom can completely change the ambiance. There are a few different ways to do this, like switching out your light fixtures, installing dimmer switches, or soaking up the soft glow of a new salt lamp on your bathroom counter.

Update Your Linens
And, of course, you can't forget about your bath linens. Replacing them up can be an easy way to freshen up your space. Think plush new towels, washcloths, bath mats, a rug if you have one, and a new shower curtain (with so many possibilities, this one is so much fun to shop for!). This easy upgrade will show well in photos, too, if you decide to sell.

Treat Yourself to a New Showerhead
Creating a spa-like bathroom can be as simple as switching out your showerhead. It’s amazing how a rain showerhead can change your whole experience!

Bigger Budget Ideas

Incorporate a Freestanding Bathtub 
Installing a freestanding soaker tub is a wow-factor feature as far as appearance, not to mention the endless hours of enjoyment and relaxation it will provide! 
Again, this is a detail to include in your property listing if you’re considering selling – “soaker tub” is sure to stand out to home buyers, because who doesn’t love a relaxing soak in their own personal haven? 

Give Yourself More Space 
Do you have a closet in or adjacent to your bathroom? It may be an option to knock it out and enjoy the added bathroom space, because who doesn’t want that?! Use this extra space to include both a shower and a bathtub – another great feature for resale and for your current enjoyment. As for lost storage, get creative with tactics like the open shelving idea above or a minimalist metal trolly.

Add in Heated Floors 
Consider adding a heated floor system to your spa – sorry, your bathroom! There’s nothing cozier than getting out of the shower or tub and stepping onto heated tiles – especially in the colder months. And this can be another great way to add resale value to your home.

Press play on your favourite relaxing playlist, draw a bath, put on a facemask, and get ready to enjoy a spa experience right in your own bathroom! 


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