Four Exterior Repairs to Prepare for a Spring Sale

As the hot days of summer give way to the cooler days of fall, it is the perfect time to start planning your spring home sale. The reason is simple — any exterior repairs or renovations that can boost your home’s value are a breeze to complete while the milder weather lasts. Here are four important repairs for fall that can make a sizeable impact on your spring sale: 

Exterior painting

Though it can be difficult to notice over time, it’s likely that weather has led to faded colours and flaking paint on some of your exterior surfaces. Freshen up for the coming spring with a new coat of paint on your stucco, foundation, or front door. If changing your colour is an option, consider a neutral hue for your exterior walls with a bright shade for your door; the pop of colour is both charming and confident, beckoning buyers to see what’s inside. While it can be a big job, exterior painting is one of the simplest ways to make your home look newer and well maintained. 

Fixing the roof

There’s no room for procrastination on this one — if you want to hit the spring market early, it’s essential that roofing repairs are on your pre-winter to-do list. If you see stains streaking down the shingles, rusty flashing and areas that are curling or missing granules, call for a professional assessment and get the work done ASAP. Thought you might spare yourself the trouble and leave the roof for the next owners? Not a great idea if you’re hoping to fetch a handsome price for your house. A dingy roof will make your home look run down, and any less-visible problems like leaks or improper ventilation will be quickly spotted by a home inspector. These are big reasons for buyers to make low offers. 

Replacing windows

Buyers know that old or poor-quality windows can lead to big expenses down the road, and you can count on a home inspector to flag any problems with your panes. Consider upping your home’s salability (and reducing your own heating bills this winter) by replacing cheaper, single pane windows with energy-efficient double or triple panes. Definitely do away with any windows that are trapping condensation, and check to see whether the seals need to be replaced. Properly-insulated windows inspire trust in potential buyers that your home will be a snug safe haven from the elements. 

Repaving the driveway

If a cracked, uneven and crumbling driveway will be the first thing your buyers’ feet touch when they arrive at your home next spring, now is the time to put in a new one — you’ll thank yourself when it’s time to take your front photo and your lawn is intact! A freshly-finished driveway polishes the look of your home and instantly boosts your curb appeal. Poured or stamped concrete remain popular options owing to their durability, versatility, and beauty, though a well-laid asphalt driveway can also look sharp and last just as long. Exterior repairs can be some of the biggest jobs to complete, but when they improve the structural integrity of your home and enhance your curb appeal, they’ll go a long way with buyers.

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