Add Value (and Joy) to Your Home by Adding a Pollinator Garden

Landscaping adds to the value of your home investment, to your pride of ownership, and also to your outdoor enjoyment. Why wait till you’re ready to sell to add “curb appeal”? Investing in a pollinator garden now will give you years of enjoyment while helping you to build future equity in your home. It will also help to sustain a variety of pollinators. Creating a pollinator habitat can improve your habitat – it's a win-win-win! 

Landscaping Adds Values to Your Real Estate by 100-200 Times the Investment 

Research from Money Magazine shows that adding beautiful landscaping to your home is one of the most lucrative types of home improvements that you can do.1 The amount of money you invest typically has a recovery value of 100-200%. That’s more than kitchens, bathrooms, and swimming pools! 

Ever notice how we beautify our homes when we’re getting ready to sell and miss out on all those improvements for ourselves? It’s time we start to enjoy the fruits of our labours and make those improvements when we buy, or while we’re living in our homes, and not just when we’re leaving.

Gardens Add Joy to Your At-Home Experience 

Front yard landscaping and gardens add to the precious “curb appeal” of our homes at selling time but can also influence our sense of joy and pride every time we come home. In the back yard, beautiful greenery increases our sense of peace, comfort and relaxation, and doesn’t have to be high maintenance. There are so many different possibilities when it comes to the aesthetics of a garden, but one thing is universal; if you plant it, they will come. Pollinators, that is. If you love watching butterflies and hummingbirds, and if you’re ready for some quality time with nature, consider planting a pollinator garden. 

What is a Pollinator Garden? 

Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds are among the many pollinators who collect pollen from the flowers of native plants for themselves, and on the way, they redistribute that pollen from one plant to another, thereby fertilizing those plants. Often those plants are part of our food chain. Pollinators account for fertilizing about one third of the food that humans eat. So, without them, we would get pretty hungry.

Pollinators at Risk

Many pollinators are at risk due to widespread use of pesticides, loss of habitat, and non-native plants. One thing that endangers pollinators, and consequently our food chain, is monoculture gardens. Pollinators need a variety of specialized plants, and we need pollinators to pollinate our food chain, so it’s in our best interest to keep these pollinators happy. By planting a native plant pollinator garden, you can help to sustain a variety of creatures and their habitats, who in turn sustain the food chain for humans. Then you can enjoy the wonder of watching butterflies frolic, bumblebees dance, or hummingbirds hover in your garden. And who doesn’t like flowers?

Planting a Pollinator Garden

Pollinator gardens are planned to attract and sustain pollinators by planting specialized flowering plants they love. Butterfly bush, milkweed, and even raspberry bushes, attract pollinators. You can turn your whole yard into a pollinator garden, or create a border garden that attracts specific pollinators, like milkweed to attract monarch butterflies. You can even plant in raised beds or a container garden for extra ease when caring for your garden.

How to get started

The Canadian Wildlife Federation offers “How to Make the Perfect Pollinator Garden” with four main considerations; food, shelter, water, and maintenance.2 

The Pollinator Partnership, supported by the federal and provincial governments, offers regional guides to which native plants are optimal in your area.3 These guides are great for helping you to decide what types of plants to grow and they are full of information about pollinators. 

You can even join David Suzuki’s Butterflyway Project, and add your garden to the national map!4

And then, sit back and enjoy the frolicking! 


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