7 Easy DIY Home Improvements to Tackle This Long Weekend

You’ve got the grill ready to go, planned a few fun activities for the kids, and maybe even purchased fireworks – you’re ready for the long weekend! 

But, in addition to making time for some much-needed R&R, many Canadians are itching to find some cheap, easy DIY home improvement projects to tackle during the extra time off – especially since we’ve been stuck at home for a year! 

If you’re looking for ways to up your home’s value or to simply make it your personal paradise, here are seven inexpensive home improvement ideas to add to your to-do list this holiday weekend: 

Modern kitchen with brass cabinet hardware
Photo credit: greigedesign.com

1.    Update your cabinet hardware

An easy and budget-friendly home improvement that gives you big bang for your buck is a simple hardware upgrade in your kitchen or bathrooms. Switch out your old cabinet and drawer pulls for new ones, then sit back and admire the difference it makes! We suggest black, leather, or brass for a modern update.

2.    Organize your closets

Closets are an area of your home that require constant upkeep. You likely need to tend to them a few times a year to keep things in order, so make this long weekend one of those times! There are plenty of cheap and cheerful (and clever!) tips out there, like:

  • Only keeping clothes you’ve worn in the last year (um, better make that two years this time around!)
  • Storing off-season pieces in space-saving bins or vacuum-sealed bags
  • Using vertical shelving separators and storage boxes to help you organize what’s not on a hanger
  • Incorporating a permanent donation bin so you’re always ready to purge (hint: make it portable!) 
Front porch with an apple-green painted door
Photo credit: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn via thisoldhouse.com

3.    Fix up the front of your house

Just like people, houses have one chance to make a good first impression. If you want your home to wow, updating your door is one of the best home improvements to make! If you’re a DIYer, give it a fresh coat of paint to cover any scuffs, or choose a new, bright colour for an exciting change! Replace or spray paint the hardware to complete the new look. Or, if your door is unsalvageable and your budget allows, pick out a new one! Opting for one with windows will let some extra sunlight into your home – bonus points!

A fresh new wreath (seasonally appropriate, of course) will finish things off perfectly.

4.    Get ready for more outdoor living

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get your outdoor space in shipshape! If you’re wondering which home improvements add the most value to your home, restaining and sealing your deck should be on your list this weekend, since decks are typically considered to have a high return on investment. And to make your fresh-faced deck oh-so comfy during the long days and warm nights, consider power-washing the patio furniture and adding some fresh outdoor décor. 

5.    Build a recycling centre 

One of our favourite home improvement innovations is creating a dedicated recycling centre to keep unsightly garbage and recycling areas in top form. From hanging indoor bins to ultra-tidy storage sheds, there are lots of DIY solutions online to guide and inspire you. You’ll thank yourself whenever you dispose of something in your new, well-organized recycling space!

Small, landscaped backyard with potted flowers
Photo credit: Getty Images

6.    Give your landscaping some love

Now that frosty mornings are behind us, it’s time to tame the wild blue yonder. Break out your rake, aerate your lawn, and fill in any bare patches with fresh soil and grass seed. Scan your yard for weeds as well, and give your trees and shrubs a healthy pruning. You’ll likely want to add flowers too, whether you plant a whole garden or place some planters around the yard. Like backyard decks, landscaping is one of the best DIY home improvement projects you can undertake to give your property value a lift. 

7.    Check on your roof

After a long and gruelling winter season, it’s a good idea to check in on your roof (using proper safety equipment, of course!). Tack down any loose shingles that you spot to prevent pesky leaks down the road, and while you’re up there, see whether your gutters need to be cleaned or repaired. Though it certainly won’t be the most glamorous job you undertake around your home, your neighbours will envy your well-kept roof and your nerve!

Whether you decide to paint, declutter, organize, or spruce up your outdoor space this long weekend, we hope you have a great one!

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