12 Magical Holiday Movie Homes to Inspire Your Décor This Season

The festive season is in full swing, and that means it’s time to fire up your favourite holiday films – truly one of the best traditions, right?! As much as we love the touching storylines, comedic scenes, and nostalgia galore in these movies, we also enjoy admiring the homes featured in these classic flicks.

We’ve put together our top 12 favourite holiday movie homes to send some serious inspiration your way this season. Enjoy!

1. The Holiday

First up has to be Kate Winslet’s cozy Rosehill Cottage from The Holiday. Described in the movie as a “fairy tale English cottage,” this place is perfect, from the stone exterior to the whimsical, shabby-chic interior. Seriously, when can we move in??

Source: imgix.bustle.com

2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

No one does holiday home exteriors better than Clark Griswold. All his hard work definitely pays off...eventually. If you can infuse even a fraction of the festive magic that Clark does, we’d consider that a job well done. Hopefully you can achieve this without the neighbourhood power outage, though!

Source: hookedonhouses.net

3. Home Alone

It doesn’t get more Christmassy than the iconic McCallister house in Home Alone. It’s chock full of festive spirit inside and out, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a dreamy family home either! We’ll take all the charm and character, but no sneaky burglars, please!

Source: hips.hearstapps.com

4. Elf

There is something quite magical about the New York apartment where Buddy the Elf’s family lives, even before he goes all out with holiday decorations. But we must hand it to Buddy – he knows how to bring festive cheer to a home! We’ll definitely reference these scenes if we need crafty and playful decor ideas.

Source: content.api.news

5. The Holiday 

Okay, okay, we’re cheating a bit with this next one, but we had to include a second pick from The Holiday – it’s just too good! Cameron Diaz’s grand California abode features timeless design – with lots of white furniture and modern decor elements. Although this film is now 15 years old, the styling of this home has aged exceptionally well.


6. The Family Stone

The Family Stone is centred around a dysfunctional family, but the family home featured in this movie is absolutely idyllic. The exterior is picture-perfect, and the interior is slightly chaotic but full of charm – everything you’d expect from a holiday movie home!

Source: hookedonhouses.net

7. Just Friends

This one is a lesser-known flick, but it’s definitely underrated. Jamie Palladino – Ryan Reynolds’ love interest – lives in her family home, and they really know how to get exterior decorations right. Some might say it’s over the top, but we think it’s just festive enough. Spoiler alert: this lovely decor does get completely destroyed at one point in the film – but all for the sake of a good laugh!

Source: sf.ezoiccdn.com

8. Love Actually

Colin Firth escapes to a beautiful French cottage in Love Actually, and we are pretty jealous. This home ends up being the cure for his writer’s block and his broken heart – what a magical place! This lakeside house captures our hearts every time.

Source: i.pinimg.com

9. Christmas with the Kranks

The classic movie Christmas with the Kranks features another memorable home – and we’re talking about after they fully embrace the holiday spirit, of course. Everyone comes together to help, and it pays off big time. From Jamie Lee Curtis’ vest to the twinkling tree, this home has warm and cozy festive vibes everywhere you look.

Source: www.underthechristmastree.co.uk

10. The Santa Clause

Of course, the most festive location featured in The Santa Clause is the North Pole and Santa’s workshop, but the home Tim Allen’s ex-wife lives in is a close second. It’s tastefully decorated for Christmas and pretty close to a winter wonderland! Bonus points: this house is actually located in Oakville, Ontario!

Source: img.homesales.com.au

11. The Family Man

You might remember The Family Man for the heart-warming, meaningful storyline, but we also remember it for Nicolas Cage’s fantastic penthouse apartment. It features enviable views and an ultra-chic vibe. It’s devoid of any holiday decorations, but we’ll let this one slide.

Source: onthesetofnewyork.com

12. A Christmas Story

Ralphie’s house in A Christmas Story brings up tons of nostalgia. It has all the ingredients for a festive family celebration, and scenes from this film will always conjure up cozy holiday memories – right down to that leg lamp. Today, you can tour this home or even stay overnight and visit the museum across the street!

Source: hips.hearstapps.com

Now we encourage you to grab a hot chocolate with all the fixings, get into your comfiest clothes, and cuddle up with your favourite holiday film. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for homes you love!


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