The Benefits of Buying a Home in the Fall

The Benefits of Buying a Home in the Fall The Benefits of Buying a Home in the Fall

Fall Colours!
One of the most delightful things about buying a home in the fall is the chance to drive through neighbourhoods or the countryside and enjoy the fall colours. It’s a magical time, with crisp air on your cheeks, kids heading to school, and the holiday season approaching. It’s also a great time to go house hunting! Check out these benefits to kick off your home search in everyone's favourite season.

Urban brick rowhouses in autumn

Forget rainy spring outings and sweaty summer days. House hunting in the fall means enjoying the wonderfully cool weather and autumn leaves. Moving during the cooler, dryer weather is more enjoyable than in the hot summer sun or wet spring, never mind snow in the winter. 

In the autumn you get to see properties with their “bones” well exposed. With less greenery obstructing the view of the exterior and no snow covering everything, you get a pretty clear idea of what you are getting into. 

A large classical home in autumn

Get a Feel for the Neighbourhood
Fall is a great time to check out new neighbourhoods and see them at their peak of activity; kids are back in school, and parents are back to normal work routines after the lazy days of summer. Parks are still full of activity and commercial strips are vibrant with fall produce and emerging holiday decorations. You will be able to gauge the vibe of a neighbourhood more easily since everyone is out and about in their normal routines. 

A charming century streetscape in autumn

A Slower Pace
Compared to the busy spring market, homebuying in the fall tends to be more relaxed. With less competition, you have more time to shop around and think about your home purchase than you do in a busier market. You can view a variety of homes without the pressure of having to make an offer the moment you like something, for fear of the next person snatching it up. With fewer house-hunters competing, sellers are often more motivated to sell and accept an offer. 

More Support
In general, movers, real estate lawyers, and other home-related professionals are less busy in the fall, which means you may receive faster service, your pick of dates, or have more selection when choosing professionals to work with.

A family takes a selfie in front of their dream home

Move in Before the New Year
Can you picture yourself(ie) in your new home? Purchasing a home in the fall means you could move in before the New Year. What more could you want than holidays and a fresh new year in a new home?
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