The Benefits of Buying a Home in the Fall

Fall is a great time to go house hunting. Check out these benefits to kick off your efforts in everyone's favourite season!

Less Competition

Compared to the busy spring market, home buying in the fall tends to be less competitive. As a result, sellers are usually more motivated to sell and accept an offer since they know fewer people purchase homes in the fall or winter.


Move at a Slower Pace 

Due to less competition, you have more time to think about your home purchase than in a busier market. You can view other homes without the pressure of having to put an offer in the moment you like something out of fear of the next person snatching it up.

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Move in Before the New Year

Purchasing a home in the fall means you will likely move into your home before the New Year. What a great way to start a fresh year in a new home!

House Hunting Weather

Forget rainy spring outings and sweaty summer days! House hunting in fall means enjoying the wonderfully cool weather and autumn leaves. Plus, moving in cooler weather is more enjoyable than in the hot summer sun.

Happy family travelling by car in fall

More Availability

In general, movers, real estate lawyers, and REALTORS® are less busy in the fall, which means you may receive faster service. Furthermore, if these providers are less busy, you may have the opportunity to receive better customer service since you will be one of fewer clients rather than one amongst the masses.

Get a Feel for the Neighbourhood

Fall is a time where neighbourhoods are in full action. Kids are back in school and parents are in their normal work routines after a summer of kid-wielding. You will be able to gauge the vibe of the neighbourhood easier since everyone is back to their normal routines.

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