Good ’Hoods: Best Toronto Neighbourhoods for Young Professionals

February 9, 2021

The largest of Canada’s urban areas, Toronto is tailor-made for the energetic and the enterprising – especially its downtown core. That’s why if you’re a young professional, you’ll feel right at home in a central condo close to all the action, culture and commerce the city has to offer in its most potent concentration. Maybe you’d love looking down on the mighty financial district where you make the big bank that payrolls your high-rise view. It could be you’re the type who prefers being among people like you, pushing the edges of art and tech from the comfort of a coffee shop, laptop in tow. Or, if you prefer to think of Canada’s star city as Hollywood North, did you know you can live in the historic hood that has doubled for Victorian London, Antebellum Virginia and Jazz-Age Harlem (among others), in hundreds of movies? Come for a cruise along the Gardiner Expressway, with exits to check out three downtown districts that are attractive targets for young professionals making their debut on the Toronto scene.

Small dogs on leashes walking across busy Toronto crosswalk in Liberty Village

Liberty Village

Any Torontonian will tell you Liberty Village is the nexus for those in their late 20s through early 40s, and not without reason. Here you’ll find some of the coolest spaces to live, work and play. Many of Toronto’s original hard lofts are in Liberty, converted from the area’s abandoned factories to offer the same chic post-and-beam/exposed-duct aesthetic you’ll be seated under in your open office as a tech or communications specialist. Small but conveniently located condos would also do just fine for you and can be shared with a roommate or significant other. It’ll only be a hop, skip and dogwalk (canine companions nearly equal the numbers of Liberty’s human population) between home, the gym, your favourite café and the club. Convenience is key to Liberty’s appeal. You won’t need a car because what you do need is within 20 minutes on foot. But if one day you want out of the city – craving green space, for example, which Liberty lacks – the Gardiner is a readily available express in and out.

Old-fashioned factory buildings in Toronto's Distillery District

Distillery District

Ride the Gardiner east and escape into the Distillery District for something quieter, calmer and a touch…cinematic. You’ll stroll clean streets – some of them maintained in their original cobblestone – to and from an orderly arrangement of arts, culture, commercial and residential highlights. The unique charm of the Distillery District is shielded from downtown’s grind by wrought-iron gates right out of the old world. Whether you’re leaving your cozy condo to head west and work downtown, attending nearby George Brown College, or looking forward all year to the ambiance and romance of the Christmas Market, this district is your urban oasis. Imagine local artisans, quaint workshops, cafés for the gourmand and galleries for the aesthete –that’s the reality. Once, this area hosted the largest whisky production facility in the world. Now it’s North America’s largest and longest-lasting preservation of Victorian architecture. All while being a six-minute drive or a 25-minute walk from Union Station, which means easy access to the city’s subway lines to take you wherever your work may be.

Three tall skyscrapers from street-view in the Bay Street Corridor

Bay Street Corridor

There’s no denying the thrill of being on top of it all. If your lofty megacity ambitions include a penthouse view rubbing shoulders with the bank towers where your high-powered career keeps you occupied day and night, well, you can live and play hard right where you work so hard – in the Bay Street Corridor. This neighbourhood is home to the very haunts where you are likely to wine and dine clients, or sweat it out alongside colleagues and competitors. Grab an elevator all the way down below the taxi-packed streets and you’ll be right inside Toronto’s seemingly endless PATH system, a submerged mall that intertwines with the city’s dense constellation of downtown subway stations. You can get a lot of what you need underground, but when it’s time to eat, nothing less than the best will do: enjoy your walking access to the finest dining and most talked-about chefs. Stockbrokers, bankers, lawyers and fashionistas are your neighbours in the financial district, where the ever-present, white-noise din of commerce is music to your ears.

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