Christmas Home Shopping? Follow These 4 Tips for Success

If you’re hoping Santa brings you a new home for Christmas this year, then you are in luck! Despite December typically being a slower season, there are many reasons to still buy a home in this festive month. Keep these tips in mind while home shopping during the Christmas holidays.

Mom at Christmas with baby son and daughter looking festive

Less Competition

Enjoy less competition when home shopping in December. Since most people aren’t looking to buy a home over the holidays, you may be able to negotiate a better price or conditions (like closing date) with a motivated home seller. Look to your REALTOR® to advise you on best offer price for the current market. 

Limited Showing Availability

Between Christmas parties, work functions, and travelling, many home sellers will have limited showing availability for their home. If you are on a time crunch to purchase your home, ensure that your schedule is as flexible as possible to see all the homes on your wish list. 

Take a Breath

Christmas festivities will likely be happening in your own life while you are house hunting. Remember to take a breath and enjoy the holiday season as well. If you’re not on a strict timeline to purchase a home, it is A-OK for your home search to extend into January if needed. Read these House Hunting Tips for a little extra help.

Office Closures & Stat Holidays

If you end up putting an offer in on a house, be aware of office closures and stat holidays. These days will slow down getting everything finalized. Financial institutions, government offices, and lawyers’ offices will be impacted. Refer to Tip #3 above – take a breath and don’t stress the small stuff! It will all get done in the end and you’ll have a beautiful new home to look forward to in the new year.

You’re Ready to Shop!

Now that you’ve learned why December is a great time to purchase a home, you’re that much closer to your purchase! Plus, we will give you $2,000 in cash back*! If you’re ready to take the next step and find a REALTOR® to help you look, visit today or give us a call at 1-855-348-1820 and we’ll get you started. 

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