Buying a Home? 5 Things To Do Before You Move In

When you’re on the hunt for a new home, it’s only natural to want to focus your energies on finding the one and then racing to sign on the dotted line. Hey, we don’t blame you – we all need a win after what 2020 has put us through!

But between getting the keys and moving in, there’s a lot you can do to make moving into your new home a dream come true.

Here are five things to cross off your list after you buy:

Thorough cleaning of a kitchen countertop

1. Do a deep clean

Even if the previous owners leave your new home looking great, odds are they’ll be more concerned with their own road ahead than with leaving the old house absolutely spotless. Besides, not everyone shares the same standards when it comes to cleaning. To ensure that you and your family are starting with a true clean slate, take advantage of the opportunity to do a thorough clean while the house is still empty. Make sure you get to the areas where you’ll soon be unpacking the essentials - think kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets, as well as the places where you’ll be stacking boxes of the non-essentials, like the basement and spare rooms.

mouse hiding in new homeowner's clothing

2. Look for signs of pests

Though a home inspection may tell you whether the house has pest problems, your deep-cleaning efforts might reveal a few ‘inclusions’ you didn’t bargain for. Keep an eye out for evidence of bugs and other critters such as carpenter ants, which can be spotted by the sawdust-like substance they leave around exposed wood and trim, and mice, which often leave black, rice-shaped droppings in cupboards and basements. Not as easy to spot are bed bugs, which like to hide behind baseboards, loose wallpaper, and even outlet covers, so do a thorough inspection of bedrooms if you suspect your new home might be harbouring these creatures. You’ll thank yourself for dealing with any unwanted 'tenants' before moving in!


Young couple looking at colour swatches before painting

3. Get painting

It's time to break out the brushes and rollers! When you’re not worrying about splattering your sofa or moving the furniture into the middle of the room, painting and wallpapering – not to mention any quick renos – are a breeze! Not only is it much faster to paint in an empty house, but you’ll feel right at home unpacking in rooms that already reflect your individual style.  

Brass key in a wooden front door

4. Change the locks

Regardless of who the previous owners were, it’s wise to change the locks and garage door codes as soon as you take possession of the home. Most of us create duplicate house keys for our kids, relatives, sitters, and so on, and most of us don’t take great pains to corral them back in when it’s time to sell. Instead of leaving anything to chance, take this simple step and rest easy knowing exactly who has access to your home. 

Hand holding a cellphone with an open adderss book

5. Transfer your utilities and update your address

Because nobody wants to spend their first night in a new house with no hot water – or worse yet, no Netflix! – it’s important to schedule utility address changes and service appointments as soon as you can. Even if your possession date is a long way off, it’s a good idea to call your local service providers well in advance, since some may be operating with reduced hours or be backed up due to COVID-19. While you’re at it, make a list of all the companies, credit cards, and mailing lists that will need your new address, and be sure to update your information before your mail ends up in the wrong box.

They say that preparation is the key to success; this is definitely true when it comes to preparing to move into your new home. Crossing these five jobs off your list before the tumult of moving day will make your homecoming that much sweeter.

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