A Guide for Every Age: How to Take Your Kids on Home Showings

A new home really is a family affair but taking kids on showings can be a tedious task at best and a disaster at worst. To increase your odds of success, follow these easy tips for taking a child of any age on home showings.


Despite being so young, babies are usually chill if their basic needs are met, and mommy and daddy are nearby. Plus, most people are very forgiving of a crying baby versus a crying teenager at a showing.

Tips for Success:

  • Schedule around naptime: For young babies who nap every few hours and can sleep through almost anything, it may be best to take them to a showing while they are snoozing. You could carry them in their portable car seat or strap the baby into a body carrier or sling. For older babies who don’t nap as often, schedule the showing right after their naptime so they are in a good mood. 
  • Feed them before you go: A well fed baby is a happy baby.
  • Use the car: If your baby needs to be changed while at a showing, opt to use the car. No one wants their home smelling like a dirty diaper while they are trying to sell it. 
dad holding newborn baby in chest carrier


Possibly the hardest kids to take on showings, toddlers are very mobile, yet don’t have enough social skills or know the social norms to be polite. 

Tips for Success:

  • Snacks: Toddlers don’t stop eating, so be sure to bring them a non-messy snack and non-spill water bottle to keep them well fed and hydrated. Some easy to clean snacks include cut up cheese, cheerios, and granola bars. Don’t forget to bring wipes to clean their hands and possibly the floor.
  • Have a partner: By having both parents there, you can ensure one of you is taking in the home details while the other is chasing after the little one. 
  • Bring a favourite toy: Bring your toddler's favourite toy to keep them happy and distracted. Loud toys should be kept at home though.

Toddler happily playing with toy

Young Children

School-aged children should be learning how to listen and behave in an adult setting. Use this as an opportunity to teach them social norms.

Tips for Success:

  • Dangle a carrot: Children this age don’t like grown-up tasks, which means you will probably get some resistance about spending a Saturday going to multiple home showings. Promising them a fun lunch out or a visit to the park at the end of the day should do the trick of reminding them that good behaviour is rewarded. 
  • Snacks: Like toddlers, always have non-messy snacks ready to go when hunger strikes.
  • Bring an activity: Giving young children an activity that takes some time should keep them occupied long enough for you to tour the house. Some ideas include colouring books, word searches, or playing a low-volume game on a tablet.
Young girl with a book half covering her face on yellow couch

Older Children 

Older children may take active interest in touring homes, so encourage them to be involved in the process. 

Tips for Success:

  • The time of showings: Most older children like to sleep-in, so keeping the showings to the late morning or afternoon will probably be best.
  • Consider social life: As children get older, they have more complex social lives. If you want to bring your child along, be sure to schedule showings around their normal routine, if possible.

Family with teenager outside of house

But what is our number one tip for a fool-proof way to take kids on showings? 

Don’t! Call up grandma or grandpa, find a sitter, or leave appropriately aged children to fend for themselves for a couple hours while you tour homes in peace.

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